There are many online resources to aid amateur radio training at all levels, and we have endeavoured to include some of the more useful ones here. If you know of a resource that may be useful to other amateurs, please contact us and let us know.

HamTests –
HamTests offers mock tests at all levels with questions similar in nature to those found in the RSGB exams. Note that the question base is limited and repeated attempts will result in questions being repeated.

QADV is a standalone Windows program that offers revision questions for the advanced level exam. Many fully licensed amateurs have benefitted greatly from this software.

Chelmsford ARS –
CARS offers their course notes as PowerPoint presentations online which offer a wealth of information to support those self-studying or following a structured course.

The Bredhurst Receiving and Transmitting Society has made available a great deal of resources for all three levels of exam which can be read on a computer/portable device or printed for later reference.


The Radio Society of Great Britain website naturally contains a variety of information and resources regarding the examinations they offer. The following pages may be of particular use: