13401248_10205894267629127_1892234981_nWednesday 8th June was a special night at MARS when we celebrated the 85th anniversary of the Club.

The well attended evening included a display of the extensive MARS archives, a bring-a-plate buffet and our own shack on the air with our Special Event Station GB1EFY (eighty-five years).

13413934_10205894266549100_1725234257_nUnfortunately, it was clear by Wednesday that the planned field day for this weekend was going to be affected by the inclement weather with a forecast of frequent rainfall in an already waterlogged field. The event has been postponed until later on in the year, but gives us even more chance to plan what will be a fun weekend and gives us the opportunity to make the celebrations last even longer.

13393274_10205894268789156_1366533684_nWe hope you will be able to join us at the field weekend to conclude our 85th anniversary in style!

Here’s to the next 85 years!