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On 6th December, MARS shall be welcoming Jason Bull, M0JPB, the West Midlands Regional Co-ordinator for RAYNET-UK to give a presentation to our group outlining the work that RAYNET-UK does.

Since 1953, RAYNET have been providing emergency communications using volunteer radio amateurs in situations varying from natural disasters and major incidents to safety communications for large-scale community events. If there is sufficient interest and demand, we may consider forming our own RAYNET group in the near future.

All are welcome – members and non-members – and the presentation shall begin at 19:00 on Wednesday 6th December. Non-members are requested to make a small contribution of £2 towards the cost of the facilities.

Business as Usual

You’d be forgiven for thinking that nothing is happening at MARS after browsing this site but that couldn’t be further from the truth. We have recently finished teaching an Intermediate Level course with a number of students having already passed the exam and have their 2E0 callsigns. We’ve had Foundation Level exam passes, video nights, impromptu presentations and much more.

If you have been thinking of visiting us to join in the fun or just find out more about amateur radio, please come along on any Wednesday evening where we guarantee a warm welcome. Please see www.midlandars.org.uk/meetings for more information on times and where to find us.

Christmas Party!

xmasOn 14th December at 7pm, MARS is holding its annual Christmas Party at the Club HQ. All members are welcome – past and present – as well as anyone who is interested in joining the club whether you are already licensed or looking to get your Foundation Licence.

A grand buffet will be offered and all we ask is that everyone brings a selection of party food to add to it. Please note however that alcohol is not permitted on the premises.

We hope to see you there!

ATU for You?

ATUFollowing on from Tom G3PQP’s talk on wire antennae back in September, Tom is very kindly giving another talk to the club this coming Wednesday 2nd November all about Antenna Tuning Units (ATUs).

A lot of myth and mystery surrounds these enigmatic devices, how they work and what the really do. So why not come along to the talk and become enlightened! As always, all are welcome.


AGMThe 85th MARS AGM is taking place next Wednesday 19th October at our usual meeting place, Selly Park Baptist Church. As always, all are welcome and we hope to see a good turn out!

Wire Antennae

This Wednesday, Tom, G3PQP is giving a talk to the club which is not to be missed!

Tom will impart the necessary knowledge to construct a wire antenna that will outperform any of the commercial multi-band wire antenna offerings. Don’t think that because you only have a small back garden you cannot access all of the HF bands – 160m down to 6m – it’s possible!!!! This is not any new fangled design that fits in a shoe box and that allegedly radiates an incredible signal, it simply embodies the known tried and tested antenna principles that you will find outlined in any reputable antenna manual.

Come along on Wednesday 21st September and see what Tom has to say. All are welcome – members and non-members alike.



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